To encourage the students of our college, our college is maintaining different clubs in all the faculties.

Physical Sciences Club

The faculties such as, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science have clubs to engage the students in activities connected with the faculty.

Bio Sciences Club

As our college possesses good laboratory facilities, the  bio sciences clubs are capable of achieving their goals such as Botanical Gardening, Gardening, Water Harvesting, Tissue Culture, Rain Water Harvesting etc.

Film Club

Our college has a film club which is working with an intention of showing some artistic, award winning good films and also educational films to the students. Our college has close contact with Sahyadri film society which is active in this regard for the past 25 years. The film club organizers bring the films pertaining to the texts prescribed by the university for the students studying in Kannada and English literature. Films on historic figures, on historic places, on great poets, dramatists are also shown. Last year this club had arranged two day film festival and showed 8 films for students.

Women Forum

As the women community makes a major share of the college activities, thinking that it is necessary to have a women forum, our college has established a women forum guided by experienced women teachers. The forum organize programs concerning the women problems. The forum counsels the women community and also look into the grievances of the girl students of the college.