Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Our college has four inter-disciplinary degree courses such as B.A, B.Sc, BCA and B.Com and offers several combinations pertaining to both the basic science and applied sciences. During the last seven years three new combinations were introduced with the view of preparing the student community to face the challenges of globalization. The following are the inter-disciplinary courses offered in our college.

Languages: English/Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit/Urdu

B. Sc. Combinations

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics ( P.C.M )

Physics, Mathematics, Electronics ( P.M.E )

Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science ( P.M.Cs )

Chemistry, Botany, Zoology  ( C.B.Z )

B. A. Combinations

History, Economics, Political Science ( H.E.P )

History, Sociology, Political Science ( H.S.P )

History, Economics, English ( H.E.E )

History, Economics, Kannada ( H.E.K )

History, Sociology, Kannada ( H.S.K)

B. C. A (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

B.Com  (Bachelor of Commerce)

Note: Environmental Science and The Indian Constitution are compulsory subjects for all degree courses as per the university norms.

Certificate courses and Add-On Courses:

Students of our college are given opportunity to learn many other Add-On courses and Certificate courses such as,

* Internet Awareness Program

* Basic Computer Program

* A Course in TV and Radio Repairs

* Our College has IGNOU Study Centre from where students may get many other certificate courses and also degree from IGNOU.