Vision and Mission

Engaging, Learning, Transforming Since 1966

DVS College of Arts & Science, Shivamogga a first Grade College was opened on the 1st of July 1966. This institution of Excellence in the field of higher education in Malnad region has reached milestone of 50 years.


To strive to become an institution of excellence in the field of higher education, to provide value-based, career oriented education to ensure integrated development of human potential for the service of mankind.


Our mission is to realize our vision through,

    1. Promoting and facilitating education in conformity with the statutory and regulatory requirements.
    2. Planning and establishing necessary infrastructure and learning resources.
    3. Supporting faculty development programmes and continuing education programs.
    4. Initiating and sustaining meaningful research activity.
    5. Promoting institution–industry interaction and collaboration at all levels.
    6. Ensuring harmonious and mutually rewarding relationships among all stakeholders of the institution.