Motto of DVS

Adapt and Excel

The Institution adapts to the  changing time and tries to excel in all aspects of Education .

The logo is framed keeping in mind the vision and mission of the institution.It Also reflects the great ideals of education as perceived by the ancient Indian scholars.Teacher is placed at the center as he is the key factor in the field of education. The rays around him  suggest the spread of wisdom and enlightenment. The vyasa Peetha in front of the Guru is the symbol of knowledge,which the institution spreads . The logo, which is circular in its shape, reflects wholeness, completeness and perfection. The swans on the either side symbolize reason and thought. The Swans, Which rise above, suggest upward movement of one’s life from the lower level .This logo Sums up the goal of our institution. Therefore this logo has been adopted and sincerely emulated.

|| Panditaha Samadarshinaha ||

Explanation: “A learned  man has an integrated vision of life ” .